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Enterprise Hosting - A

Enterprise Hosting

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40GB NVME SSD Space 1000 GB Bandwidth 4 GB RAM Limit 2 Core Limit 80 Entry Process Unlimited Website Unlimited Emails Unlimited Databases LiteSpeed CloudLinux Free SSL (Let's Encrypt) cPanel Control Panel FREE Migration
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Enterprise Hosting - B

Enterprise Hosting - B

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60GB NVME SSD Space 1500 GB Bandwidth 6 GB RAM Limit 4 Core Limit 120 Entry Process Unlimited Website Unlimited Emails Unlimited Databases LiteSpeed CloudLinux Free SSL (Let's Encrypt) cPanel Control Panel FREE Migration
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Enterprise Hosting - C

Enterprise Hosting - C

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100 GB NVME SSD Space 4TB GB Bandwidth 8 GB RAM Limit 4 Core Limit 150 Entry Process Unlimited Website Unlimited Emails Unlimited Databases LiteSpeed CloudLinux Free SSL (Let's Encrypt) cPanel Control Panel FREE Migration

Best Enterprise Hosting Service

BD IT CENTER has the best enterprise hosting service, which is perfect for businesses of all sizes. These services include managed hosting, domain name registration, email hosting, and virtual private network (VPN) service. We also offer a variety of software and support products to help you run your business. Our company has a strong reputation for providing excellent service because it has been around for a long time.

We have various plans to meet your needs, and our customer service is always ready to help you with any questions.

What Is Business Hosting?

Enterprise Hosting is a term used in data center to describe sending some or all of a company's software to hosting providers, who may also offer training, backup, recovery, and upgrade services.

For many companies, developing an enterprise hosting solution can be too expensive because of the physical infrastructure, equipment, and highly trained staff that are needed to create and maintain a true 24/7 hosting solution.

Enterprise hosting services include various hosting and management options that give businesses a safe, global network infrastructure. Enterprise hosting services are made to support business applications in high-performing facilities. They help ensure that data is always available, routed best, and delivered securely.

Enterprise Hosting Advantages

  • The following are solutions for hosting that can grow:
  • Fully redundant BGP4 multi-home premium network
  • 100% network uptime SLA’s
  • 100% network uptime SLA’s
  • Perfect for creating your own private cloud hosting solution.
  • 24x7x365 emergency access to senior engineers
  • 24x7x365 emergency access to senior engineers
  • True Fortigate hardware firewall security

Best Service for Hosting Businesses

The dedicated resources at BD IT CENTER are set up to handle all kinds of technology, such as servers, storage, networks, hardware, devices, and applications. Enterprise server hosting gives your business the performance and flexibility it needs to do well without buying its own server (s).

Whether you choose a server that you manage yourself or one that is maintained by our engineering team, the goal is to take the stress and trouble out of managing your hardware from a full technology stack, which includes managed infrastructure services like services for operating systems, networks, servers, and hardware, to content delivery solutions, application hosting, security, and business continuity.

The Enterprise Hosting solutions from BD IT CENTER offer infrastructure and services that are the best in the business. Our Service Level Agreements range from "hands-off" to "fully managed." We can save you money, time, and people by hosting and managing your infrastructure, from setting it up and deploying it to management, troubleshooting, and backup support.

The fully integrated applications and networking infrastructures handle hosting needs from the simplest to the most complex and demanding. They also make it easier to connect parts from different vendors.

Our hosting solutions for large businesses

Let our team create a custom solution for you using dedicated infrastructure or the cloud.

Server Clusters

Powerful and fast multiserver performance for mission-critical projects on Linux or Windows.

High Availability

Hosting services that have built-in redundancy to make sure that your business is always online.

High Availability Database

Data is instantly copied between redundant nodes to eliminate single points of failure.

High-quality work

Use a load balancer to send traffic to multiple servers to ensure performance is at its best.

Managing Windows Hosting

Hosting for Microsoft Windows and SQL Server projects that can be changed to fit your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Our teams are here for you as you build and, most importantly, after you launch.


We'll work with your team to determine your business goals and technical needs.


Our Solutions Architects will set up and test your hosting environment based on your needs.
You can rest easy with enterprise server monitoring, automatic OS updates, firewalls, and full server backups.


If you already have the infrastructure in another location, we will relocate it for you to make things easier for your team.

Experienced specialists will handle your initial migration, and those same professionals will be available to answer any issues that may arise over the life of your subscription.


Our Customer Success Manager will work closely with your Strategic Account Executive and our support teams to proactively interact and connect with your organization's customers.

Call, email, or chat 24/7/365 to talk to a representative who knows your name and your business name.


Planning ahead and ensuring that your resources are aligned to meet your growth ambitions should go hand in hand. BD IT CENTER will provide tailor-made solutions for your business as it expands, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while they handle potential difficulties.
Our expert manages the stability, availability, performance, and growth of our resources.

The End Note:

After reading this article, you might decide that the BD IT CENTER is the best choice for an Enterprise Hosting Service. Our company has many things that other companies don't have. We hope that by offering good services and prices, we will continue to grow and become the best enterprise hosting service for our customers.

So, if you need a business hosting service, get in touch with us right away.


Question: What is enterprise hosting?

Answer: Enterprise hosting is the online infrastructure that companies that depend on the web need. An enterprise hosting provider handles all of an organization's tech needs, like software, servers, data migration, site maintenance, network configuration, and development support.

Question: What are enterprise clusters?

Answer: Enterprise clustered hosting is a group of servers that are all connected and share resources for high-traffic sites and large organizations under the same IP and host address.

Question: What is fully managed enterprise hosting?

Answer: Fully managed means that we don't just help you set up the server, but also keep it running and manage it on a daily basis. This could include software updates, security patches, support, and other things. Fully managed means that we'll take care of keeping your infrastructure safe and fast, so you can focus on running your business.

Question: How do I know what size solution to choose?

Answer: Our enterprise architects will help you make the right choice and give you the right size for your needs. In some cases, your expected growth will be part of this evaluation.

Question: Which programs can I use?

Answer: As long as you have the right licenses and permissions, you can use any web application that works with our systems. Our ESG team will help you load the application onto your cluster at no extra charge. Keep in mind that we have set up our servers so that they work best for certain applications. Talk to our cluster architects to find out what that might mean for you.

Question: I have a small company. Do I need enterprise hosting?

Answer: It's not unusual for a small business to choose enterprise-grade hosting!

Get in touch with us to find out if our business packages are right for your company.

Question: Are enterprise servers dedicated?
Answer: Yes. Your network is not shared with anyone else.

Question: How much do the servers in your business cost?

Answer: The price of a server is based on its size, which depends on your needs. We work with you to find the best enterprise hosting solution for your budget.