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Best Domain Registrar Company in Bangladesh

If you're a start-up company or an old one, you have to register a domain for your website so that people can find out about your services. We can help you to get a domain name registered. If you own the right domain, it will soon begin to represent your brand. By buying relevant domains, you can protect your brand and make sure no one can steal your market share.

BD IT Center helps individuals register domains and is known for having great customer service. We give our clients an easy-to-use interface. This is a big plus because it lets you register domains quickly. The price is fair, and you can also choose to renew. Also, we are one of the few registrars that shows the prices of renewals.

What is a domain name, and why do I need one?

Domain names are used to make it easy to remember IP addresses. Every computer has an IP address, which is like an address on a street sign. But instead of having to remember each IP address number, we give these numbers domain names that are easy to remember. The domain name system, or DNS, translates domain names into their IP addresses so that computers can talk to each other. BD IT CENTER can help you find the best domain name for your business so that it's easy to get people to visit your website.

When people look for you or your business online, it can help if you have your own domain name. 

Having a domain name lets you:

  • Create a website for your company
  • Use your domain name to make a professional email.

What is domain name registration?

Domain name registration is the process of finding a web address (like or and then signing up to use it. You technically don't own the domain, but once you've registered it, it's yours alone for as long as you continue paying the annual registration fee.

How do I buy domain names?

Here are the steps to buying domains:

  • Decide on a domain name extension. The last element of a domain name is called the extension, and it can be anything from a dot-net to a dot-biz to a dot-org or dot-com.
  • Think about what business name or specialty you want on the other side of the dot.
  • In the box at the top of this page, type the domain you want. We'll let you know if that domain is available and show you other options you might like better.
  • Choose a domain, put it in your shopping cart, and pay for it. You now have your own domain, which is a big deal. No one else can use it as long as it's in your name.

How To Know We Are Professional In Domain Registration

Some requirements must be met for professional domain registration. You have to buy these before you can buy a domain. BD IT CENTER has almost all the qualifications if you search for these.

  • If you want to register a domain for your business, you should first think about whether you want to share your personal information. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers keeps track of this information in a database called WHOIS. Anyone can look up your information to see who owns the domain. So, many people who own domains choose to hide their personal information. You should check with the domain registrar you choose to make sure you can do this.

  • Pricing is another important thing to think about. Domain registration prices are not always easy to figure out. It's important to know that the price changes based on how much people want the domain and how many people want it. Also, prices can vary a lot from one registrar to the next.
  • In addition to a reasonable price, you should ensure that the domain registration services provider offers cheap email and other services. Some registrars offer email and other services for free, while others only offer services that you have to pay for. Domain privacy protection services are important if you want to keep your identity safe. This is especially important if you plan to use your domain for a business, since information about your business will be available to the public.
  • A good company that offers domain registration services gives you many ways to get in touch, such as by phone and email. The most common way to talk to a registrar is by phone, but some also have chat rooms, online forums, and social media accounts. It's important to have more than one way to get help in case you need it. This makes it easy to get in touch with a support person and get the answers you need.
  • Domain registration services have different prices, so you should look at a few before you choose one. You should also think about how much it will cost to renew. When you buy more than one domain from the same registrar, some of them offer discounts. But if you are only buying a single domain, a low price might not be worth it. The user experience will become more important in this case.

Why buy a domain with BD IT CENTER

  • BD IT CENTER is one of the biggest domain registrars in the world, and a lot of customers trust us with more than a million domains.
  • When you buy a domain, you get free privacy protection for life.
  • You can call or chat with someone at any time. Talk to a real person in the language you choose.
  • Simple domain setup. You don't need to know how things work.
  • Domain extensions make it easy to find available domains.
  • There are a lot of subdomains you can use to make your own web address.
  • Monitoring in real-time to make sure you're always up and running.
  • You can point your domains to any website with quick and easy tools.


Question:What are services?

Answer:This domain is a great web address for any business whose name includes the word "services," as well as those that offer hospitality, consulting, financial, repair, or any other kind of service.

Question:How long does my domain name registration last, and How do I renew my domain?

Answer:Depending on the domain you buy, the length of time you can register it can be different. Customers can register domains for up to 10 years at a time with many domain name registrars, but most people only register domains for one to three years.

With BD IT CENTER, it's easy to renew your domain if you want to keep it for longer.

Question:How do I set up domain privacy?

Answer:Domain privacy is a service that helps keep your personal information from getting out to the public. When you buy domain privacy, your name, mailing address, and email address are changed to the domain privacy provider's information. Most domain registrars offer this service, and it usually costs around $10 per year.

Question:What are the benefits of having a domain?

Answer:A domain name is a unique identifier for a website. It is what people type into their browsers to get to your website. A domain name is another valuable online asset that you can use to build your brand and get more people to see you online. Also, if you have a domain name, you can control your online presence and protect your brand name.

Question:How do I choose a good domain name?

Answer:Domain names should be easy to remember and show what the site is about or what it is for. They should also be available as an domain to make sure that they are known and seen by as many people as possible. You can use a domain name search tool to see if a domain is available and to come up with names for your website.


Question:What are the different types of domains?

Answer:There are many different domain extensions, such,.net,, to choose from. You can also register domains with extensions that are only used in certain countries. Also, the number of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). Agency, bike, and photography are increasing.