The best Cloud Hosting plans for your success

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Introducing you to the Fully Managed Cloud World

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2 CPU Cores 2GB DDR4 RAM Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited SSD Space 1 Website Hosted Free Domain Premium Support Free cPanel LiteSpeed Web Server Basic Caching Opcache Memcache instance Performance x1 Money back guarantee
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A smart choice for visionaries on World

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4 CPU Cores 4GB DDR4 RAM Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited SSD Space Unlimited Websites Hosted Free Domain Premium Support Free cPanel LiteSpeed Web Server Standard SSL Opcache Memcache instance 128MB Performance x2 Money back guarantee
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Perfect for video, heavy social and e-commerce websites

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6 CPU Cores 6GB DDR4 RAM Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited SSD Space Unlimited Websites Hosted Free Domain Premium Support Free cPanel LiteSpeed Web Server WildCard SSL Opcache Memcache instance 256MB Performance x3 Money back guarantee

The best Cloud Hosting plans for your success

Using a Cloud Hosting Service to host your web apps is a great way not to have to worry about the physical infrastructure. You can use your server or a cloud service like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. With Cloud Hosting Service, you can also use a wide range of features, such as scaling up or down and moving your site from one place to another.

BD IT CENTER is one of the best places to get Cloud Hosting Services. We use cutting-edge technology, and our team of experts is always on hand to make sure that your website is always up and running. We have different plans so that you can find the best fit for your needs. BD IT CENTER has a long history of giving good service, and we're sure we can do the same for your website.

If you need a company to host your website in the Cloud, BD IT CENTER is a great choice. Get in touch with us right away to learn more about our Cloud Hosting Service.

What is Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of Internet hosting in which websites are hosted on virtual servers that get their resources from physical servers underneath. Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that is still fairly new, but it has become more popular because of all the great things it can do. One of the best things about Cloud Hosting is that it can be changed much more easily than other hosting types. This means that website owners can easily add or remove resources as needed without having to pay extra.

Cloud hosting is also usually more reliable than other types of hosting because hardware problems don't cause it to go down as often. Cloud Hosting also gives users more freedom and control over how their websites are run. Because of this, Cloud Hosting has become a popular choice for businesses and people who want to make and run their own websites.

Why Need Cloud Hosting


Bandwidth is limited with traditional web hosting services. Cloud hosting can grow or shrink to meet seasonal or traffic spikes.

Pay-as-you-go model

Users only pay for what they use by month or hour. Traditional hosting has flat rates, but this setup is different.


Hardware failures don't cause downtime because sites and apps are hosted on a network of servers. Traffic goes through different network interfaces, which keep it separate and safe.


Clients should look for a provider with security options for physical and operational, network and system, application, and data.

Sensitive data

Businesses that work with sensitive data may want to separate the data at the hardware level using dedicated servers or other methods.



Many cloud hosting providers offer tools to help manage the cloud-hosted environment, and some even offer specialized services.


Latency isn't always a good thing. Organizations should make sure that their Internet connections are strong and reliable.


BD IT CENTER's Cloud hosting lets you share your content and only pay for the resources you use.

Our Cloud Hosting Features: Why Choose Us

Our team of experts will handle the back end, so you can focus on growing your projects.

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

With our cloud server hosting services, your server will be up almost all the time and will be watched around the clock. Never worry again that your website will be down.

Superior Performance

Use HTTP/3, high-performance SSD storage, and a dedicated IP address to get the most out of the speed and power. No technical skills are needed.

Powerful Control Panel

Enjoy the control panel that is easy for people of all skill levels to use. Quickly and easily find your way around.

The Perfect Environment For Your Success

Room for Growth

You can start small and grow big with our cloud website hosting services. As your website grows, you'll have more power if you have all the tools you need at your fingertips.

4x More Speed

Reduce the time it takes for a website to load and make it better for users. Use our fast CPUs, lots of RAM, and the data centers that have been carefully placed around the world.

Fully Managed

Get help from experts around the clock, every step of the way. Focus on making the most of your project, and we'll handle the technical problems.

Simplicity Meets Performance

Maximum Flexibility

Our cloud services run on virtual servers that are all on their own. cPanel, our custom control panel, gives you full control over the servers' resources and limits when you use one of our cloud hosting packages.

Instant Setup

Our cloud hosting has instant activation, so your project can run quickly.

Top-Level Data Backups

Safety comes first at all times. Your files and databases will be safe and sound if they are backed up automatically daily.

Easy Data Center Change

You can change your data center's location in just a few clicks, with no downtime.

Integrated Caching Utilize an integrated cache manager to make your projects incredibly speedy. Remember that high SEO rankings and fast websites go hand in hand. Free SSL: Use the free SSL certificates that come with your cloud hosting service to build trust with your visitors.


Question: What Is Cloud Hosting?

Answer: Cloud hosting combines the reliability and power of a virtual private server (VPS) with the ease of use of a shared hosting service.

You get dedicated resources to grow your projects without limits with cloud server hosting services. We take care of all the technical stuff.

Cloud hosting is the best way for small and large businesses to speed up their online projects and improve the experience for their customers.

Question: What are the main benefits of a cloud web hosting service?
  • Easy to use: a custom control panel makes it easy to run your server like a real pro.
  • Dedicated resources: get a dedicated IP address and guaranteed high-performance SSD storage for your website.
  • Fully Managed: You can sit back and relax while we ensure the server is always up and running and keep an eye on it.
  • As a bonus, our plans come with free SSL security, domain name registration, and CDN.
Question: What makes shared hosting different from cloud hosting?

Answer: The main difference between the two types of hosting is that cloud hosting gives you a dedicated IPv6 address and dedicated resources. On the other hand, shared hosting requires the user to share the server's resources with others.

Question: What's the difference between VPS and Cloud hosting?

Answer: VPS hosting and Cloud hosting give you access to resources only for you. The main difference is that VPS hosting gives you root access, while cloud hosting does not.

Managed cloud hosting is much easier to use than VPS, which requires more technical knowledge from the user. It has an environment that is already set up and works as a fully functional hosting platform for you to manage your website.

Question: Can I switch from shared hosting to cloud hosting?

Answer: It's easy to change your shared hosting plan. All you have to do is buy an upgrade in our panel, and everything will be moved automatically with no downtime.

If your website is hosted by someone else and needs a better plan, you can always upgrade to a cloud hosting plan through our free migration service, making your website run much faster. Try it for yourself, and you'll see!

Question: Have a Question About My Hosting Plan? How do I find help?

Answer: BD It Center is proud to offer the best cloud hosting services, and our Customer Success team is ready to help you around the clock. Just send us a message, and we'll get back to you immediately.