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Affordable Website & Software Development Company in Bangladesh

BD IT Center is dedicated to providing solutions required by various categories of customers. We are a Bangladesh-based IT Company. We provide domain, hosting, website design and development, mobile app development, graphic designing, SEO and digital marketing solutions. We bring the combination of operational expertise, innovation and best practices to the IT industry your company needs. Our vision is to become the world's most respected IT solutions provider by providing world-class quality services and result-oriented products focused on emerging technologies. Finally, we want to be known to our customers as an industry leader in the IT sector.


The mission of the BD IT Center is to provide for the information technology requirements of a diverse group of customers. Everything from registering a domain name to building a website or mobile app, as well as graphic design, search engine optimization, and online advertising, are all services that we can provide for you. Because of our talented staff of designers, web developers, and Google-certified digital marketers, we can fulfill the needs of hundreds of customers in more than 80 different countries. We are a one-stop shop.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to become the most renowned global provider of information technology solutions by delivering solutions that are on the cutting edge of technology as well as unique goods. The pinnacle of success for us will be achieved when our clientele regards us as a forerunner in the field of information technology.

Ideas for Everyone with Concrete Proficiency

We want to bring phenomenal development in clients’ business by introducing professional approach targeting nonpareil growth. Once Evertech IT can do that and retain the place as the most affordable Website & software development company in the world, we will then think our technical proficiency and expertise are rightly employed. We have a high hope to introduce Bangladesh as the golden source of global IT resources. In order to do so, Evertech IT is utterly committed to maintaining the first-rate quality of any service, product, and solution. There is no greater gift than client satisfaction to us.

We don’t compromise with the best Hosting Solution