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BD IT CENTER supplies all domain-related services, and we also offer advice on choosing the right domain name for your business, blog, and portfolio website.

It is time to get going, if you have a specific business idea but don't yet have a domain name. However, not all domains are created equal.

A domain name is the web address of a website. The domain name is what people will type into their browser to reach the website. It is essential to choose the right domain name for your website because this name will be associated with your website for many years to come. 


The domain name should be easy to remember and pronounce and have something to do with the content of your website. If you own a business, and you have a website for that business, you need to make sure that the domain name for your website is available.


If you let your domain name expire and someone else registers it, they could use it to create a website that competes with yours. If you currently own a domain name, you should ensure that it is renewed yearly. And if you don't currently own a domain name, you should try to register a domain name that is relevant to your business.


What is Domain

A domain name is an identifier that maps to a network location. It identifies the host computer, which stores the website content on the Internet. The domain name can be a website address, such as A domain name typically includes two parts: 

1. A top-level domain (TLD) :

A top-level domain (TLD) is an extension that appears at the end of a domain name, such as .com, .org, .net, and .gov. Domain name registries store the association between a domain name and its owner, along with information about the domain, like the creation date and the expiration date

2. Domain name:

Domain names are used for various purposes and can be either commercial or non-profit entities. Domain names can also be used as brand names or service marks to identify the source of products or services.


Tips For Selecting Domain Name 

Some domains may already be taken, while others may cost thousands of dollars. Here are a few tips to consider when looking for a domain name.

  • Make sure your domain name is easy to type.
  • Please don't make it too long.
  • Keywords should be used.
  • Identify your target market or area
  • You should avoid using numbers and hyphens.
  • Be memorable.
  • Do some research on it.
  • You should choose a domain extension that fits your needs.
  • Brand protection and brand building.
  • You need to act quickly.



How to Register and Transfer Domain


You can register a domain name through an online service, and you receive an automated email confirming that your domain name is registered and that it is pending the verification process. 


Once the verification is complete, you will get a confirmation email. - Transfer Domain Name: Domain transfer is when you change the ownership of a domain name from one registrar to another. 


You can also transfer your domain name through an online service. You will receive an automated email confirming that your domain name has been transferred and is pending verification. 


Once the verification is complete, you will get a confirmation email. - Renew Domain Name: Before your domain name expires, you can renew it through online service. You receive an automated email confirming that your domain name is renewed and pending verification. Once the guarantee is complete, you will get a confirmation email.


Our Services

BD IT CENTER! Offers you affordable top-level domain registrations and Domain Transfer service today. Get your domain name today and start using it for all the web applications you need. Please take a look at our service details below.


Domain Register


By this, you can register your chosen domain name for one year. After that, you have to renew your domain name again. Most domain name providers also offer services like web hosting and email accounts. If you sign up for a hosting plan, you can often get a discount on your domain name. 

Register a cheap domain name today and enjoy 24/7 support! Search for available domains and get started! 


Domain Transfer


The service allows you to transfer your domain name ownership from another company to our company. This can be done only if your domain name is currently hosted elsewhere.


We offer great prices, 24/7 customer service, and more when you transfer your domain to BD IT CENTER.


Features of Our Service:

  • We offer a wide selection of domain names: We offer over 100,000 domain names for you to choose from. 
  • Automatic renewal: You do not have to remember to renew your domain name before the expiry date. We will automatically renew it for you. 
  • Privacy protection: We will keep your information confidential and never share it with any third party. 
  • Affordable pricing: We offer domain name services at the most affordable prices.
  • Easy setup and maintenance: Besides registering your new domain with us, we offer email products, an easy-to-use website builder tool, and comprehensive hosting services to support you throughout the process.
  • 24/7 online support: We are available 24/7 online to help you with any problems or issues you might face while using our domain name services. You can also contact us through live chat, email, or contact form. 


Why did you choose us?

Our experience:

We have been successfully providing domain name services since 2001. 

Top-level quality: All of our services are backed by top-level quality. 

Affordable pricing: 

We offer domain name services at the most affordable prices. Flexible payment options: You can pay for our services using various methods, such as debit card, credit card, PayPal, debit card, etc. 

Easy-to-use interface

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to use our services.

Maintaining the security of your domains:

We take extra precautions to protect your sites' confidentiality, and the data others may submit to them. Different customers have different requirements, so we offer SSL certificates with a range of strengths and comprehensive security with SiteLock. 

We have several packages available, including risk analysis, complete malware scanning, and a trustworthy seal that your visitors can verify. When you register a site with us, we do all it takes to keep your data safe.




Q: What are domain services?

A: Domain services allow you to register, transfer, and renew domain names, as well as monitor your domains for abuse.

Q: How do I create a domain name for my website ?

A: The first step in creating a domain name for your website is to purchase an existing domain name (or register a new one). 

Q: Should domain services be used or application services?

A: Depending on your needs, domain hosting may be the best option for you. However, if you need separate domains for each of your web applications, application services may be the best option for you.